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We are excited to announce that the work to the Link between St Peter’s Lutton Place and it’s Hall has made it on to the 2021 EAA ‘Large Projects’ shortlist.  We keep our fingers crossed.

You can see more images of this project here and also the work we did to St Peter’s Church a couple of years ago.


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Peter Gray fished out of the harbour where we are doing repairs.  He very sadly died at sea earlier in the year and the harbour misses his daily presence immensely.  The Practice helped organise this stone at the pier to serve as a reminder of Peter and the dangers of fishing.  John Neilson standing here proudly in front of his wonderful work; he also made the carved lettering at The Queen’s Gallery.


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One of our projects is repairing a harbour.  A recent visit has been to see the yard and quarry producing stone for protecting its foundations.  Here is Gavin Tennant at the Clashach quarry on the Moray coast with one his blocks.  The rock is obtained by drilling holes and using a low explosive that is very gentle, resulting in blocks up to 90 tons!  Although it’s a sandstone, being non-calcareous the stone is highly durable.  The colour is generally of sand dunes, but pinks and streaks can be obtained from beds near a geological fault at one end of the quarry.


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The renewed Cowane’s Hospital, Stirling, will soon be open to the public and available for a wide variety of uses, after 12 years of funding challenges and 4 years of work.  Designed by John Mylne, the King’s Mastermason, and built for Scotland’s oldest charity to house 12 ‘decayed brethren’, the building is an immense source of pride for the Burgh and Britain’s oldest Guild (900 years).  This new aerial view by Colin McLean shows its wonderful setting in the Carse of the Forth with the Church of the Holy Rude, the Castle and the Trossachs in the distance.


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We are pleased to say that a project to alter and extend this fine listed villa, with a wonderful and fascinating history, has been granted Planning and Listed Building Consent. A friend and well-known engineer couldn’t have put it any better:

 “In the course of propping up and chopping up Georgian buildings, I see a good number of Planning applications but, I must say, none as impressive as this. The level of context and detail is at point where Planning could hardly refuse permission!”


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The Crowdfunder to purchase Tim Stead’s Steading has been a wonderful success, despite Covid times and saved the Gesamtkunstwerk (the whole artwork) of the house for the nation. You can still join in as the fundraiser is extended to help the Trust begin to realise their longer-term vision for the Steading and outbuilding. Why not give the gift of becoming a ‘Friend’ or ‘Patron’ of the Tim Stead Trust to a loved one? Also donating any amount – large or small - helps this unique legacy to survive, flourish and keep on giving.


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An important characteristic of the Practice is the wide variety of work that our Clients ask us to do. It changes all the time. For a snapshot view and for a virtual tour of the practice click here for a video made by Baggy Scout.


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We are delighted to take part in this year’s virtual Doors Open Day 2020, sponsored by the the Cockburn Association 

Click here to watch a History of Victoria Terrace, where our office is located (made by Baggy Scout).

Click here  to download a more detailed history of the building.

Edinburgh Festival 'Hub'

Posted on Aug 31, 2020 by bta

Hub Hall drawing

Edinburgh has been very different this August without its many Festivals. 

In case you missed it, The Hub - Edinburgh's Festival Centre - published an interview with Ben Tindall in January, reflecting on the past 20 years since it opened its doors and discussing the complex works undertaken by BTA to create this award winning building.



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Here is our good friend, David Sim, proudly holding up the Danish translation of his fabulous book SOFT CITY. If a picture is worth a 1000 words then perhaps a drawing is worth a 1000 pictures.  With hundreds of beautiful drawings, by David, Creative Director of Gehl People in Copenhagen, this book is priceless! This is a book that will transform settlements large and small throughout the world.

(Blød in Danish means soft or sensitive. By means 'town', as in so many place names, of Scandinavian origin.  'Bye-laws', or by-lags' in Danish, similarly mean 'town laws'. The self-regulation settlements is an historic and fundamental part of a their success.)